Our mission is to improve the overall financial performance of your office by ensuring maximum reimbursements in the shortest amount of time while being a trusted extension of your office.

What sets Stream Revenue Management (SRM) apart?  We create a revenue stream so you can focus on your patients and not focus on your bottom line.  We have been experts in the medical practice revenue cycle since 1997.  Engagement with SRM will increase your profitability, decrease your denials and most importantly, enable you to focus on what you do best: Practice medicine.

SRM is a full-service medical practice management group, offering expertise in medical billing, credentialing, consulting, practice management, risk management, financial management and staffing.  We are a trusted provider of medical record, coding and forensic audits.  SRM has a team of professionals well versed in the rules and regulations of the medical billing and the coding arena.  Our commitment to continuing education and ongoing training keeps us on the cutting edge of the ever-changing requirements.

Over 30 years industry experience

SRM has designed a more efficient claims process that expedites your payments for a more consistent revenue stream needed to maintain and grow your practice.  Each claim is scrubbed three times as it traverses the process which means a faster, cleaner reimbursement with the first submission.

Our software will allow you to schedule patients, verify insurance, review open patient balances and run multiple reports right from your office.

SRM provides an end-to-end transparent medical billing for practices ranging in size from a single provider to multi-physician/location specialty groups.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our tenured and talented team of professional billers, certified coders and credentialing specialists work with practices nationwide.

Our team of experts have vast industry experience including, but not limited to, cardiology, family practice, neurology, oral maxillofacial surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, psychology/psychiatry, pathology, radiology.

How can you afford to partner with SRM?

In addition to providing you with a constant revenue stream by reducing denials and increasing the speed of reimbursements, our partnership will also save you costs.

  • No payroll costs
  • No employee benefits
  • No staffing, training, absenteeism, turnover issues/hassles
  • No cost for claim submission, collection letters, correspondence
  • No patient billing expenses
  • No billing software licensing costs
  • No annual support costs
  • Regain valuable office space
  • Experience faster returns
  • Maximize collections
  • Reduce the need for staffing and training
  • Prevent office staff from handling time consuming billing calls

The Benefits of SRM

Engaging with SRM will increase your profitability, decrease your denials and most importantly, enable you to focus on what you do best, practice medicine.

What can we do for you?