Physician credentialing and re-credentialing can be a complicated, time consuming, costly and a frustrating process.

Eligibility & Benefits Verification (including Pre-Authorization and Enrollment)

Factoring in delays and frequently changing requirements outsourcing your credentialing needs can prove most cost effective. Stream Revenue Management has several full time, experienced credentialing staff dedicated to client compliance.

Evolving HIPAA regulations require physicians and groups to re-credential with insurances in three-year cycles.  Overlooked re-credential notifications result in provider termination and frozen payments-neither of which you or your practice can afford.

SRM has a suite of customized Credentialing services:

Taking advantage of our Credentialing teams ongoing rapport with insurance providers will enable us to more quickly and successfully navigate the process for you.

Enrollment and New Practice Setup

  • We have a staff of experts who will enable you to begin receiving revenues faster.
  • Submission and Tracking of Enrollment Applications
    -Multi step process through completion

Adding Providers to Existing Practices

  • With your increased revenue stream you will have the opportunity to grow and expand, We can seamlessly add new providers to your practice.

Address Change and Updates

  • We ensure your contact information is constantly updated so you receive no interruptions in payments.

Medicare & Medical Assistance (MA) Enrollment and Revalidation

  • Proactively monitoring periods of Medicare revalidation

Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment

  • Expedite the process of reimbursement by having EFT established so the insurance companies can deposit directly.

Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment/EOB

  • Using EOB to post payments

 Insurance Network Confirmation for Provider Specialty

Regular Status Reporting

  • SRM provides real time updates on credentialing needs/follow-up

Frequent Communication with Account Representatives

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