Prior to SRM I did not have a biller who was conscientious enough to keep me abreast of changes in the Medicare and managed-care guidelines. Working with SRM has been a welcoming change to our practice.  My biller Robyn has been exceptionally conscientious and responsive.  I would highly recommend SRM to any physician who is looking for a new billing service.”

Dr. Ho
I acquired SRM services as a young physician “ startup business “, they help me beyond expectations from credentialing to education about coding, now 15years after, I have acquired a stable practice group, I will give Tremendous credit to SRM for their services I enjoy individualized attention and expert services for my business, that’s something I value the most. SRM has helped me to minimize office staffing and maximize reimbursement.
Dr. Choudhry

I have worked with SRM for the last 16 years and throughout that time, this company has provided immeasurable help to me.  The job they do is very thorough.  Their staff take great care to be accurate and detail focused, and they are always available for my questions as needed.  Working with SRM as my billing provider has allowed me to focus on my clinical work and has helped me to develop a thriving practice.

Dr. Mary Ann Yenason

Our practice was burdened with many of the billing and accounts receivable management/work load.

Working with SRM has streamlined administrative and billing process which allows the physicians more freedom and time to treat patients.

SRM is always accessible, knowledgeable and willing to assist with multiple facets of running the practice regarding the ever changing regulations from CMS and private insurance.

Dr. Kartik Patel

SRM provides Accurate, timely billing; dispute resolution when insufficient payment is received; assistance with credentialing with insurance companies; collection agency working in conjunction with SRM.

Dr. Brian Marien